Steps to Single out Your Perfect Project Management Tool

It goes without saying that the work of a project manager is a complicated one, requiring lots of knowledge and experience, and even such personal features like being patient, considerate and self-disciplined are necessary.

Any single person, who has ever worked as a PM, realizes the amount of work and tasks they should perform in a rather short period of time. That is why, modern project managers refer to cutting-edge project management tools.
The abundance of such tools on the market can confuse everyone and even a hard-hearted PM. But in case you are a fresher and it is your first experience of being a project manager, you may happen to be heaped under the number of PM solutions and their peculiarities.

Comindware PM toolHere are tips for a “chicken” PM about selecting the most effective tool:
-    At first, select a few tools that you seem to like and consider them. After that define your goals and mind what exactly you expect from a project management tool. If you want it to track issues and time, or to offer graphic planning, do make a choice about the tool that offers all necessary features.
-    Secondly, after choosing some of the software that really can suit your demands apply for trial or demo versions of the solutions. They are usually free, and you have about a month testing them and making your final decision about any of them.
-    Thirdly, conducting a demo, be careful to use all the features of the project management tool. Pay attention how quick they work; how they present the results; if there are any bugs or malfunctions. When coming across any trouble, you had better contact the support team of every tool.
-    Fourth, paying attention to the fact how the company works with clients.  Tech support of the software is crucial, as you never know what problems can turn up. It is excellent if the company offers some tutorials, a knowledge base, guides etc.
-    Fifthly, the price of the chosen solution may seem too heavy to purchase it.  Then, you should continue searching the market for the tools that offer the same, but at less price.

Having picked up a tool that fully corresponds to your demands and that fits the price budget; consult the team you are working with. They are supposed to approve the software as well, as they are working with you and they should feel more or less confident about it.

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