Making your business more efficient with the newest software

Have you ever heard a phrase that goes something like “business runs itself”? Well, if someone really does think that way, I must say they have a hell lot of amazing software that makes planning and managing business seemingly effortless. Truth to be told, there are web services and software applications that can make everyday tasks much easier, and we’re going to discuss those that can help you with creating and storing information, tracking tasks and collaborating with distant team members. I picked several systems that provide users with essential features for a price that is not through the roof.

The first online management software I’d like to draw your attention to is Central Desktop – simple web-based platform that allows you working anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. The system provides time tracker and built-in instant messenger, document editing and the feature for real-time web-conference, which is crucial for every collaboration business tool. It also has feature that works pretty much like Twitter: users post status updates on their task, so managers can track the process. In Central Desktop users can create forums to discuss tasks and their ideas. That feature is especially useful when you have distant team members who work on the same project but live in different time zones.

The next one is Kapost – software that will definitely come in handy for those who promote their business on blogs or write in collaboration. Basically, this is a virtual “brainstorm” news room where one or a group of users present their concept, work on it and later on have it approved by their editors, so if you have a team of freelancers that write articles for your websites and blogs, this system is for you. The best thing about this program is that it helps users concentrating on the concept of their writing and significantly increases the quality of content.

Another small but very helpful system is Producteev – online to-do list that sends you alerts via IM, e-mail or iPhone. Here managers can create workspaces for assigning tasks and deadlines. The program will help not to forget about assigned tasks and deadlines.

The last system I would like to discuss is a bit more complex. Comindware work management software is a collaborative web-based system with a number of highly useful business features for planning, managing and task tracking. What I think is great about this software is that it makes the process of creating complicated workflows fast and easy. With this system managers won’t have to wait for IT specialists to build up workflows or make changes in them, which means saving time and money for IT services. The system comes with a number of solutions for business departments and has data base of pre-designed workflows for standard processes, which, once again, allows saving time that is usually spent on daily routines. It also has integrated task software and task tracker that allow keeping all the processes under control. This program would be a great solution for those companies that struggle to regulate communication and collaboration between managers and employees since it allows creating discussion and attaching them right to the assigned tasks, sharing files and more.

Lastly, I would like to add that there is no one set answer for every single business, so in order to find the system that will help you make your work more efficient you should try out at least couple of them to find out which features are helpful for you and which ones are useless.

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