Manage your projects with the most effective Agile tools

Not longer than several years ago Agile methodology was mostly used in software development, but today Agile tools are being widely implemented as a part of project management process in all kinds of companies, from small startups to organizations with a large capital. Agile approach to management allows bringing in more transparency and visibility into working processes, allows adapting to changes in priorities, helps reducing paperwork and creates more opportunities for efficient and productive cooperation among team members working on the same project.

Here we are going to discuss several Agile project management solutions and features they offer to the users.


This solution is mostly for those who have nonexistent budget for purchasing and maintaining project management software. AgileWrap is a simple user-friendly web-based product that helps dealing with basic project management processes.

The solution enables establishing effective planning, provides real-time visibility and facilitates collaboration in distributed teams.

AgileWrap allows you to save money when you have just started your business, but it can also expend with you and adapt to the new needs of your growing company.


This software tool for Agile projects is also web-based, but unlike the previous product, it has much more features available. It allows users create workflows for products and projects, has time tracking features and burn down charts.

Among the features that Agilefant has to offer to its users are: story hierarchies, project portfolio management, personal workload management, and different access rights to certain documents or projects.

Overall, the tool is easy to use and it works really fast. And while it’s good for many project management tasks, it doesn’t have strong customization or reporting features, that’s why it’s an acceptable solution for projects with 20 people or less.

Comindware Tracker

Comindware workflow management system is the solution for the companies that are looking for a project management tool with strong customizing feature that would help managing and automating working processes within multiple departments.

The Tracker comes with a number of pre-designed solutions for different department and offers finance and administration software, solutions for marketing, software development, IT help desk, human resources software and more. These solutions allow using this system in multiple departments, which makes it a great investment into your company. It’s also quite easy to use and managers don’t need programmers’ help to start building or editing complex workflows. This system is perfect for Agile project since it provides perfect real-time visibility and allows adjusting to sudden changes very quickly.

The solution makes it easier for managers not only assign and track tasks, but also cooperate with the team members within the system thanks to advanced collaborative features.

Along with Cloud-based version there is a mobile version of the product that allows managers to keep the process under control at any place any time.

Overall, there is a great number of effective project management solutions on the market, and which one to choose depends first of all on the needs of your business at the moment.

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